Dirty Genes Podcast

Episode 7: How Are You Wired? Your Genes Hold The Answers!

May 11, 2021

Putting up with chronic irritating symptoms is, well, irritating.

It's tiring.

Headaches, stuffy nose, moods shifting, focus failing, staring at the ceiling vs falling asleep.

You hear your friends say, "You're so sensitive." or "Why are you so irritable all the time?" or "Come on! Smile already. You're such a grump all the time!" If they only knew that you wish you could step out of your funk.

You can step out of your funk.

The way you do that is looking at how you are wired.

You can only see the outside of your body. Your hair, skin, nails, muscles, tummy. And you focus on these.

What if you can actually look inside you and see why you are potentially more sensitive to being irritated? Why you are more susceptible to being gloomy. Why you seem to not be able to focus your entire life.

Once you discover this, then you have the ability to improve it. It's not that you discover why you are struggling with these issues and leave it at that. No. You will have the ability and the tools to become the person you always wanted to be.

More tolerant.
Sleeping well.

I've got something for you that will help- check out today's episode.


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