Dirty Genes Podcast

Episode 14: Histamine Intolerance And How It May Be Affecting You!

June 29, 2021

Are you struggling with an annoying, recurring symptom that you have no clue how to help make it go away or at least improve?

Chronic runny nose? Nosebleeds? Sensitive to EMF? Can't fall asleep? Sudden irritability? Itchy skin randomly? Hot all the time? Red-faced big time after exercise? Sensitive to alcohol? Breathing difficulties?

Most of these don't require a run to your doctor. If they do, your doctor just bandaids you with medications or stuff that doesn't work.

What you're dealing with here is a lack of awareness by the medical establishment.

Histamine Intolerance.

It's gaining traction - finally - but most health professionals still have no clue how to address it properly.

This is a MUST LISTEN to episode - and a must share with others episode.

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Enjoy empowering yourself. It's about time you know how your own body works. Once you know how your own body works, then you'll be confident you can help yourself feel better.

PS - Need a little more encouragement?

I'm including a significant offer to those who listen fully to the podcast episodes. Somewhere buried in the podcast is a coupon code for Seeking Health. It's a very good coupon code. (Offer expires midnight on July 6th)

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